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Published Titles

1. Remembrance of Things Present

A mystical work seeking the presence of the LORD in the moment, where He dwells at all times.

100 pp.   2018.  ISBN: 978-1-5462-1335-2.  w/ imprimatur.  

RETAIL: $11.99    FROM AUTHOR:  $7.50

2. TWO BOOKS: Paradox and the Christian Faith / Hippie Convert 

the apparent contradictions of the Faith are explained for those who seek wisdom;

and a member of the flower generation addresses true love and peace, in poetic form.

238 pp.   2016.   ISBN: 978-1-5246-2643-3.   w/imprimatur.

RETAIL: $13.99    FROM AUTHOR: $8.75

3.  LINES of GRACE: Meditations on Verses of Holy Scripture, The Stations of the Cross, and The Most Holy Rosary

a Catholic devotional especially for the encouragement of the practice of plenary indulgence.

195 pp.   2016.   ISBN:  078-1-5246-0733-3.

RETAIL: $13.99    FROM AUTHOR: $8.75

4. Christian Vision of the Old Testament

synopsis and exhortation; faith-filled overview of all books of the Old Testament

as prefigurations of Jesus, with focus on Bible’s prophetic nature.

273 pp.  2013.   ISBN: 978-1-4817-5500-9.  w/ imprimatur.

RETAIL: $19.95   FROM AUTHOR: $12

5. Blessed Guilt: A Universal Conversion Story

on the life-giving repentance found in Jesus’ blood;

vaguely autobiographical but without particulars. 

119 pp.  2013.  ISBN: 978-1-4817-5499-6.  w/ imprimatur.

RETAIL: $14.95   FROM AUTHOR: $9

6. Chapters of the Gospels

exposition of the four gospels, chapter by chapter; in the style of Our Daily Bread. 

114 pp.  2009.  ISBN: 978-1-4389-3497-6.  w/ imprimatur.

RETAIL: $12.49   FROM AUTHOR: $8

7. The Most Holy Trinity and The Four Corners of the Universe

a collection of writings on the Trinity and its reflection in Creation;

founded upon the Shema.  300 pp.  2009.  ISBN: 978-1-4389-3768-7.  w/ imprimatur.

RETAIL: $15.99   FROM AUTHOR: $10

8. YHWH: Order of the Divine NAME

on the significance of the contemplative silence that is the NAME of God,

and its application to a spiritual life.  

260 pp.  2008.  ISBN: 978-1-4343-6865-2.  w/ imprimatur.

RETAIL: $14.49   FROM AUTHOR: $9

9. Prayers to the Saints

a page of prayer to each saint on the General Roman Calendar for the United States. 

230 pp.  2007.   ISBN: 978-1-4343-4199-0.  w/ imprimatur.

RETAIL: $14.49   FROM AUTHOR: $9

10. Our Daily Bread: Exposition of the Readings of Catholic Mass  

a page of writing for every Mass of the liturgical calendar for the Latin Rite;

reflections drawn from the readings. 

727 pp.  2004.  ISBN: 1-4208-0839-7.  w/ imprimatur.

RETAIL: $24.95   FROM AUTHOR: $15

11. Turn of the Jubilee Year: A Conversion Song

autobiographical depiction of vocation search through pilgrimage to Medugorje

and stays at a hermitage or two.  230 pp.  2004.  ISBN: 1-4184-3917-7.

RETAIL: $13.50   FROM AUTHOR: $8.50

12. Songs for Children of Light: Ten Albums of Lyrics

a white on black conceptual work with simple drawings for each song. 

150 pp.  2003.  ISBN: 1-4107-5017-5.

RETAIL: $13.50   FROM AUTHOR: $8.50

13. silence in the city 

short contemplative poems; moments of divine silence in the midst of city life. 

148 pp. (74 pieces).  2003.  ISBN: 1-4107-3561-3.

RETAIL: $11.50   FROM AUTHOR: $7.50


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