Our Daily Bread:
Exposition of the Readings of Catholic Mass
A page of writing for every Mass of the liturgical calendar for the Roman Rite; reflections drawn from the readings.  
727 pp.   2004.   w/ imprimatur.  ISBN: 978-1-4208-0839-1
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Prayers to the Saints:
A page of prayer to each saint on the General Roman Calendar for the United States.  
237 pp.    2019 (original 2007).    w/ imprimatur. ISBN: 978-1-7332154-2-8
Christian Vision of the Old Testament
Synopsis and exhortation; Faith-filled overview of all books of the Old Testament as prefigurations of Jesus, with focus on Bible’s prophetic nature.
273 pp.  2013.   ISBN: 978-1-7332154-4-2.  w/ imprimatur.
Chapters of the Gospels
Exposition of the four gospels, chapter by chapter; in the style of Our Daily Bread. 
114 pp.  2009.  ISBN: 978-1-7332154-9-7.  w/ imprimatur.
Order of the Divine NAME
On the significance of the contemplative silence that is the NAME of God, and its application to a spiritual life.  
260 pp.  2008.  ISBN: 978-1-7332154-6-6.  w/ imprimatur.
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The Most Holy Trinity
and the the Four Corners of the Universe
A collection of writings on the Trinity and its reflection in Creation; founded upon the Shema. 
300 pp.  2009.  ISBN: 978-1-4389-3768-7.  w/ imprimatur.
Two Books:
Paradox and the Christian Faith & Hippie Convert
The apparent contradictions of the Faith are explained for those who seek wisdom; and a member of the flower generation addresses true love and peace, in poetic form.
238 pp.   2016.   ISBN: 978-1-7332154-5-9.   w/imprimatur.
Blessed Guilt:
A Universal Conversion Story
On the life-giving repentance found in Jesus’ blood; vaguely autobiographical but without particulars. 
119 pp.  2013.  ISBN: 978-1-4817-5499-6.  w/ imprimatur.
A Year of Miracles
A search for home in a year of journaling focused on the miracle of the everyday.
176 pp. 2021. ISBN: ‎
Remembrance of Things Present:

A Trilogy

A mystical work seeking the presence of the LORD in the moment, where He dwells at all times.
100 pp.   2018.  ISBN: 978-1-5462-1335-2.  w/ imprimatur.  
“Into Your Hands…”:
Distillation of the Letters of Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade
Reflections of the profound counsel of Fr. de Caussade to embrace the Cross and find the Lord’s will (and joy) even in our greatest sufferings.  
82 pp.   2019.  ISBN: 978-1-7332154-1-1
Lines of Grace:
Meditations on Verses of Holy Scripture, The Stations of the Cross, and The Most Holy Rosary

A Catholic Devotional especially for the encouragement of the practice of plenary indulgence.

195 pp.   2016.   ISBN:  078-1-5246-0733-3.
TURN and Become like Children:
Refuting the Presumed Contradictions of the Jerusalem Bible Old Testament Commentary 
A case study recounting the problems afflicting modern biblical scholarship exemplified in the JB.  
188 pp.   2019.  ISBN: 978-1-7332154-3-5
Turn of the Jubilee Year:
A Conversion Song
Autobiographical depiction of vocation search through pilgrimage to Medugorje and stays at a hermitage or two. 
230 pp.  2004.  ISBN: 1-4184-3917-7.
Songs for Children of Light:
Ten Albums of Lyrics
A white on black conceptual work with simple drawings for each song. 
150 pp.  2003.  ISBN: 1-4107-5017-5.
silence in the city
Short contemplative poems; moments of divine silence in the midst of city life. 
148 pp. (74 pieces).  2003.  ISBN: 1-4107-3561-3.
Our Daily Bread: Lent
Exposition of the Readings of Catholic Mass for the Season of Lent; a page of writing for each day, focussed on the Scriptures
86 pp.   2019.    w/ imprimatur.  ISBN: 978-1-7332154-0-4