Our Daily Bread

Word and Sacrament. This is the food that sustains us here on our pilgrimage to heaven. The Word of God and the Sacrament of the altar this is our daily bread. What greater gift could we ask for than to hear the Word of God proclaimed and receive our Lord each day at holy Mass? This is the foundation of our faith; here is the paragon of prayer which strengthens us for our work in this world.

Christian Vision of the Old Testament

Is there not a terrible lack of Bible literacy in our day; and is it not accompanied by a disturbing lack of faith exhibited even by scholars who interpret the Word of God? A remedy for such "ignorance of Scripture [which] is ignorance of Christ" (St. Jerome) may be found in this inspired work of synopsis and exhortation. Short chapters with succinct titles cover thematic sections of all the books of the Old Testament, providing the reader with a comprehensive overview of the Hebrew Scriptures.

Yhwh- Order of the Divine NAME

on the significance of the contemplative silence that is the NAME of God, and its application to a spiritual life.

Two Books- Paradox and the Christian Faith & Hippie Convert

The apparent contradictions of the Faith are explained for those who seek wisdom; and a member of the flower generation addresses true love and peace, in poetic form.


A search for home in a year of journaling focused on the miracle of the everyday. One need not look far, if one's eyes are anointed by the Blood of Christ, to see the miracle that is life all around us.... but it is so easy to miss. Mr. Kurt helps us recognize how our lives, as mundane as they may seem and as difficult as they can be (especially in 2020, the time of this writing), are wrapped in the miraculous. And these miracles lead us home, home to the Church, home to Heaven, where we all long to be.

Into Your Hands

Fr. De Caussade is most well known for his book Abandonment to Divine Providence. And for good reason - it is a spiritual classic. Less well known is the counsel he gave in (published) letters to cloistered nuns in his care. There is, I suppose, good reason for this, too - they constantly drive home, like nails through hands and feet, the need to abandon ourselves to Providence whatever the circumstances may be. One could call them repetitive: 148 letters in seven books with minor variations on the same theme. Yet what I discovered in reading (all of) them was how important that theme is, and how little I comprehend and practice its lesson.

TURN and Become like Children

If "ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ," as St. Jerome has told us, then lack of faith in Scripture is lack of faith in Christ. It is the author's contention that much biblical commentary in recent centuries has served to undermine the faith of the Church, and that this deleterious effect is profound and has gone greatly unnoticed.

Songs for Children of Light

Ten Albums of Lyrics.......... a white on black conceptual work with simple drawings for each song.

Prayers to the Saints

A page of prayer to each saint on the General Roman Calendar for the United States. Originally published in 2007, the book has been updated (2019) to include ten additional saints. The saints are presented in chronological order, each with a full page of poetic prayer. The book serves as an aide to our communion in the Body of Christ with the "great cloud of witnesses" in Heaven.

Chapters of the Gospels

The title of this work is fairly self-explanatory. In reading the Bible I have noticed that the individual chapters seem to have an organic unity, a movement and meaning of their own. Though we know that chapter and verse were later impositions upon the text of the Word of God, yet this delineation seems itself to be blessed, to bring clarity to the light and logic of the Lord’s speaking to us. Here I pray the Spirit enable me to expose the light in the chapters of the Gospels.

The Most Holy Trinity

collection of writings on the Trinity and its reflection in Creation; founded upon the Shema.

Blessed Guilt

Here is the story of a man on the way of conversion. Though vaguely autobiographical, it is not intended to portray the particulars of any life but to address the journey all souls undergo in moving from the ways of the world – which lead to destruction – to the path of salvation wrought in Christ’s blood.

Remembrance of Things Present

A mystical work seeking the presence of the LORD in the moment, where He dwells at all times. Writing before the Blessed Sacrament exposed on the altar, the author lays down his life in love so Jesus might bless his search. Mr. Kurt prays that souls will be touched in their reading by the Spirit of God and find His Light present in their lives.

Lines of Grace

On Plenary Indulgence....... Why has the baby been thrown out with the bathwater, the power of Peter to bind and loose been cast aside so unceremoniously, and so the Word of Christ become overshadowed? If the only son of God imparts to His church the power to forgive men’s sins in His name, and if that church has pronounced the availability of the great grace even of removal of temporal punishment by the prayers of devout souls (souls who ask in the Lord’s name and with faith in His goodness, who therefore cannot be denied by a loving Father), why has the practice of plenary indulgence fallen into such disuse?

Turn of the Jubilee Year

Here is the account of a soul in search of the Lord, in search of his call, a call which has always been with him: a writer, a hermit in the midst of the city… a heart at rest in the arms of Jesus and His Blessed Mother.

silence in the city cover

Instill your silence in my heart, O Lord, despite the distractions of the world..................... Short contemplative poems; moments of divine silence in the midst of city life.

Our Daily Bread- Lent

A page of writing for every Catholic Mass of the season of Lent. Excerpted from a larger volume which includes alll Masses of the liturgical calendar. Inspired by the Spirit; sticks to the Scriptures themselves; has imprimatur.