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A search for home in a year of journaling focused on the miracle of the everyday.

One need not look far, if one’s eyes are anointed by the Blood of Christ, to see the miracle that is life all around us…. but it is so easy to miss. Mr. Kurt helps us recognize how our lives, as mundane as they may seem and as difficult as they can be (especially in 2020, the time of this writing), are wrapped in the miraculous. And these miracles lead us home, home to the Church, home to Heaven, where we all long to be.

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james h. kurt

James Kurt still lives much as a hermit in the city, though he is now married and has moved from Jersey City to Florida. He still spends five or six hours a day in prayer, including Catholic Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, full Rosary, Stations of the Cross, reading of Scripture and the writings of the saints, and silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. He also works several hours each day on his writing. He has a website featuring his books, as well as one for podcasts.

The author has now published ten titles with AuthorHouse, the most popular to date is Our Daily Bread: Exposition of the Readings of Catholic Mass. There are others on Scripture, one on the saints, a few on contemplation (including poetry), and a couple that are autobiographical in nature.

He serves as an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, is a Knight of Columbus, and prays weekly at the local abortion facility with his wife, with whom he seeks to serve God and His Church.

All for the glory of the LORD and in His divine NAME!



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